4 Online Tools That Allow Immigration Lawyers to Help Their Clients Better

As more and more people apply for immigration into Canada online, the immigration lawyers have gotten extremely busy with juggling various processes and sometimes sitting through the same kind of processes that can get extremely monotonous. And, that’s when certain innovative online tools come to their rescue. Here are a few online tools that can turn out to be extremely handy –

Immigration tools: This tool helps the immigration attorneys to check if their clients are eligible for the various immigration options available under the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. The immigration tools include a skilled worker self-assessment tool – this allows the attorney to see of the client is eligible to apply for the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) employer section. There is also an International graduate self-assessment tool that helps the attorney find out if his/her client can apply to the AINP employer stream when they are put through this particular test.

Living Tools: This tool holds an interactive map of Canada and specifically Alberta. It is a fun and easy way for your clients to learn about what actually makes Alberta one of the best places to work, live, and party in! This tool makes use of videos, web tools, pictures, links to informative and interesting websites, pictures, content that is descriptive that helps you discover Alberta in its complete glory. The simple methods of navigation and pictures helps one remember all the interesting places better. Another interesting ‘Living’ tool would be the ‘newcomer settlement services tool’. This can be a perfect good will gift from a lawyer to his client when the deal closes successfully. This tool helps get services and gets support within the new community that can help your client looks for a job, improve his/her English, connect with same ethnic support groups, upgrade skills and make thorough research for career and educational opportunities.

Working Tools: This tool helps your client in researching his/her occupation in the province of Alberta and looking for jobs as well. This tool will help your client come to a well-informed decision regarding location for residence and work by creating a report that will have comprehensive information about necessary job skills, training in different languages, job descriptions, information of rage of wages and available job opportunities based on your client’s needs, training and experience. If your client’s trade/profession is regulated in the state of Alberta, then make sure you get your client to go through, regulated trades and regulated professions for regulatory information and many such guides that help one get accredit to work in his/her occupation at Alberta. Make sure you keep your client informed about IQAS application tutorials, which will help him/her in acquiring an accurate and fair evaluation of their respective education in comparison to Canadian education standards.

Online Sessions: There are a number of pre-recorded as well as live webinars regarding acquiring permanent residence in Canada that can help you clients get familiarized with the process.

With the help of these ingenious tools, you can be sure to get optimum client satisfaction, which can in turn, lead to exponential growth of your business as an immigration consultant.