5 Must-Have Apps for Tech-Savvy Lawyers to Simplify Their Life 

Mobile apps have become very popular of late, and there are apps specific to just about every aspect of our day-to-day life. There’s an app for everything in today’s world, be it something as generic as finding a location or something as specific as apps for scouts that guide them through their camping stint.

Now, even lawyers have a plethora of apps that can be used as valuable tools, while they’re on-the-go. Here are 5 of such must-have apps for lawyers

  1. Cite-Checker: This app is basically a concise guide to the must-have Bluebook. The form available in the app is pretty much the same as the one that legal practitioners make use of. There is an entire overview of the Bluebook that covers state as well as federal cases and statuses, punctuations, quotations and various other secondary authorities.
  2. Court Directory: This app contains detailed contact information of all the ‘who’s who’ of the legal field. All the currently-employed clerks and judges are listed out (that would be 216 courts, 5319 clerks, 16,025 judges and 2,133 state courts to be precise!) in the app. It also contains the structure of the state, federal and territorial courts. This award-winning app is renders updated listings verified by the court officials themselves.
  3. Fastcase App: This app freely allows you to access the whole Fastcase law library as well as the legal research system while you’re on-the-move. The research results come up at a high speed, which allows the user complete access to federal as well as state cases from across the country. There are even more services available to those who upgrade to the complete Fastcase subscription. This app is great for lawyers to do research work at the nick of time without stepping out of the courtroom.
  4. S. Constitution – Analysis and Interpretation: This app lets you access the Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation (which is a legal treatise made by attorneys of the Congressional Research Service which is in line with the US Senate and has been sent as Senate Document No. 112-9) on your cell phone or tablet PC. It has a detailed discussion of the whole constitution for each clause. It also has many citations from the past to explain and interpret all of the clauses. This is a must-have app for interns!
  5. TrailPad: This app is one of the most powerful tools for helping with the organizations for presentations of cases at the courtrooms. It helps lawyers manage, annotate and organize their files of cases for mediation presentations, court hearings and various other settings. For pictures and documents that have to be added, all that needs to be done is for them to be converted to PDF format. There are various tools like redact, highlight and redline that helps display exhibits and images for displaying exhibits, and images with the use of a monitor or a projector.

A word of caution to the top lawyers in Toronto, who are looking to use these apps, is that these apps can be fantastically helpful, but they can’t be used as a substitute to the official resources.