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negotiate fee with divorce lawyers
June 2nd, 2017 by lawadmin

Legal fees are one of the important aspects of choosing a divorce attorney, though many people take it lightly or don’t give much importance to it during the initial stages. In fact, it should be the primary concern to both divorce lawyer, and clients. Legal life offers a barrage of challenges; the decision has to be taken constantly negotiating with family and other things.


Talk to the lawyers first and don’t go unprepared, thinking that you can negotiate next time. Do not go with their charismatic personality and blinding white smile. A proper plan can help you avoid poor performance. Do some research and collect all details to estimate before negotiating.

Ending It Gracefully

Politely ending or walking out of a compromise is one of the strongest decisions you can make. It makes the other party think that you’re looking for fair deal or not willing to compromise for the things that are most valuable for you. Much of the deal leads to win-win or successful negotiation, if both parties actually agree for fair decision.

Plan Before You Negotiate

You can take enough time to know your expectations, goals, and needs, before you enter into negotiation phase. If you aren’t happy with the outcome, you must be prepared to walk away. When you’re confident and well-prepared, things work out easily.

negotiate fee with divorce lawyers

Keep the Discussions Open-Ended

Yet another thing to do while negotiating is ask questions; open-ended queries can work best to gain information and build a relationship. The question patterns are like why, when, what, who, how, and where can uncover your counterpart’s implicit and explicit needs. Respectful, well-timed, and strategic questions can be used to gather details, gain information, verify or clarify information, level of interest, and check understanding, gain participation, resolve behavioral style, reach agreement, and build rapport.

Understanding the Fee Structure

The fee structure can vary from one service to another, based on the quality of the service provider, nature of client’s needs, and complexity of the case. Fee for attorney’s knowledge and skills varies from one lawyer to another and hence it’s imperative to understand how you’ll be charged, before taking up their services. Compare the rates and know different types of lawyer fee, knowing your expectations.

Types of Fees

The main form of fee arrangement is as follows:

  • Fixed fees
  • Hourly fees
  • Contingency fees
  • Value-added or percentage fees

Fixed Charges

Fixed charge is the most straightforward and simplest type of fee structure; when the factors involved in the case are known, it may be a good idea to fix a lump sum amount. If things change during due course of time, you can renegotiate the fixed fee with your lawyer. Hourly fee depends on the nature of your case and experience of the attorney. Ensure to ask your lawyer for a rough estimation of total time needed for your case if you’re not fixing total charges.

Percentage Fee

Percentage fee mainly represents the percentage of particular transaction or asset; value billing is the quality of the service. If the value of the service is high, then you would be charged more. Under contingency, you may have to pay certain percentage of settlement amount to your lawyer.

It is best to compare the costs and then determine what best suits your case. Negotiation is a skill; know where to start and where to end.

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May 27th, 2017 by lawadmin

Buying a property is a complex process and at times risky too. Each state has its own requirements on who and what needs to be involved, and thus to hire a professional to take care of all these nitty-gritty makes absolute sense. Suppose you are buying a property in a place where your friends suggest hiring Jean-Faustin Badimboli real estate lawyer. See how he or any other professional can help you in closing the deal.

Fine Print Reading

He will review, amend and modify the purchase agreement to protect your rights and interests in the transaction. He will safeguard your interests against any fraud, which can happen due to the ambiguous language written in the agreement. The buyers often don’t have the patience to read and understand the conditions written in the fine prints, but he will point out and make you understand all that is important for you to know.

Check Legal Angle

The legal consequences from mistakes or omissions during purchase can prove to be a nightmare. A thorough inspection by the lawyer before signing any document will save you from this.

Check Title Issues

He will review all important documents, including the legal descriptions, mortgage, property survey and title to ensure that there is no discrepancy. A simple mistake like a name misspelled can create big title issues, which can prove disastrous and expensive.

Mental Peace

While buying a property, a lot of money is at stake and thus you need someone who has expertise in handling unique issues and also point out problems which normally a person can’t anticipate. Since they go through a lot of contracts and know local customs, they are very helpful in cutting through the roadblocks providing you the much needed peace. Also in a case of a problem, they can represent you.

Helps with Mortgage and Loans

They coordinate with the mortgage loan officer, the other party or agent and make sure that all are available on the set date and time. They also work to align the process of home inspection, title search and other contingencies to save you all the trouble.

Hiring a real estate lawyer can make buying a pleasant experience.

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May 22nd, 2017 by lawadmin

If you feel that your marriage-life is hitting the rock, the best thing is to consult a lawyer sooner before it gets too late. However, before you make the biggest decision of your life, get as much as details as possible. When it comes to choosing a family lawyer, consulting more than one attorney can help you in making the right decision. They key is that you need a trustable relationship with your divorce lawyer.

How Does a Divorce Lawyer Help?

When legal and family problems get mixed up, it would be very difficult to handle the situation. Finding a good divorce attorney is important if you want to reach a favorable deal between you and your spouse. Here are few tips to ensure that the adoption, family or divorce attorney you are hiring is going to be right for you.

In case of legal conflicts, the lawyer that you choose is likely to have bigger impact on the decision you make. You cannot select judge, change law or force the judge to rule the verdict in your favor, but your attorney can give you the right suggestion on what to expect and help you in getting the best compensation. He/she can also tell whether or not it is worth pursuing the case to get a favorable outcome.

Interview More Than One Attorney

Whether you are looking for an adoption attorney or divorce lawyer, you need to have different attorneys to select from. Talk to them first to get to know whether they are interested in taking up your case. When they are interviewing you, it is best for you to do the same. Ask general questions like for how many years they’ve been working in this field, what kind of other services they provide, and what’s their philosophy (or opinion) on your case and so on. Until you know obligations and rights keep the lawyer search a secret.

Seek Personal Recommendations

If anyone in your friends circle has gone through a divorce, ask their opinion as well. They might recommend, based on the attorney’s strengths. A personal referral can ensure that you choose a lawyer that’d best suit your requirements.

Family Matters

If you have a child, then you need to think about your kid as well. You can’t solely focus on your life, but concentrate on the needs of your kid as well. The lawyers will help you select or refer experts in child specialties and family counseling to address your overall wellbeing. You can ask the lawyers, if they have guided any other juniors or how many cases they won.

Price Matters As Well

The cost of the lawyer may vary from $300 to $500 per hour, depending on the reputation and experience. You need to consider what kind of lawyer your spouse is hiring to match-up. Divorce or family attorneys can get expensive; know the flat fee, hourly charges, and retainer price, if any.

Make the Most Out of Initial Consultation

The lawyers require knowing details about your marriage- assets, income, and children.  Knowing the objectives, he/she can discuss what you can realistically expect in your case to achieve the best goals.

The communication between you and your lawyer should be clear and you need to feel comfortable discussing every detail of your marriage, concerns, fears, and hopes to deal with the case in most efficient manner.

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May 15th, 2017 by lawadmin

Canada is seen as one of the best places in the world to reside. There are plenty of people from various parts of the world, right from far-east countries like Taiwan to South American countries like Brazil, who are looking to move to Canada.

Why Do People Immigrate to Canada?

The country of Canada happens to be very friendly for immigrants, and the diverse ethnicities as well as a number of job opportunities in the market make it an ideal country to settle down. Canada is divided into various provinces and each of these has their own individual requirements and laws for immigration.

Manitoba is one of the most preferred provinces among the immigrants, especially South Asians, who happen to be the most productive ethnic group in the whole country.

The most convenient and reliable method of knowing what the process of migration to Manitoba would be getting information online with the help of experienced provincial programme lawyers. In the modern age of Internet, applying for immigration, seeking advice from lawyers, making payments, down to the entire process of immigration can be completed online. So, how exactly does it work? Well, here is an insight into how it actually works.

Speed Up the Process

Paper applications typically take about 3 and half months to get processed; here is where online processing wins – it takes just about 2.2 months, according to the statistics released by the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program recently.

The whole process is the same for foreign workers and international students. When compared to this, general stream paper application takes about 9.5 months to process while family stream paper takes about 7.4 months to process.

Advantages of Online Processing

The option of online processing was initially launched in the year 2011, in the month of July. Ever since its first launch, 3,500 applications have been processed online. The only reason why the number is not as high as expected is because only completed forms can be uploaded. Incomplete forms are automatically discarded, which reduces the chances of applications being rejected.

Do You Require Legal Advice Prior to Submitting an Application?

The system of online application allows the individuals to hire immigration consultants and lawyers online to seek legal advice on any aspect including a brief of laws for immigrants and many such aspects. The lawyers take their clients through the steps of filling up the forms before submission.

A lot of times, this can be a boon when it comes to dealing with fresh laws that could potentially result in an individual being barred for 5 years from re-applying for immigration upon furnishing untrue statements. Just like paper applications, the lawyers can typically review the online applications prior to submission. And, if the clients desire, lawyers can also submit their applications online.

Downside of Online Processing

The only main disadvantage of applying for immigration online is that the information needed by Manitoba’s program differs from the information needed by Canadian VISA offices in other countries. But, this is not a point of concern if you have a good immigration lawyer to help you out.

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May 8th, 2017 by lawadmin

As more and more people apply for immigration into Canada online, the immigration lawyers have gotten extremely busy with juggling various processes and sometimes sitting through the same kind of processes that can get extremely monotonous. And, that’s when certain innovative online tools come to their rescue. Here are a few online tools that can turn out to be extremely handy –

Immigration tools: This tool helps the immigration attorneys to check if their clients are eligible for the various immigration options available under the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. The immigration tools include a skilled worker self-assessment tool – this allows the attorney to see of the client is eligible to apply for the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) employer section. There is also an International graduate self-assessment tool that helps the attorney find out if his/her client can apply to the AINP employer stream when they are put through this particular test.

Living Tools: This tool holds an interactive map of Canada and specifically Alberta. It is a fun and easy way for your clients to learn about what actually makes Alberta one of the best places to work, live, and party in! This tool makes use of videos, web tools, pictures, links to informative and interesting websites, pictures, content that is descriptive that helps you discover Alberta in its complete glory. The simple methods of navigation and pictures helps one remember all the interesting places better. Another interesting ‘Living’ tool would be the ‘newcomer settlement services tool’. This can be a perfect good will gift from a lawyer to his client when the deal closes successfully. This tool helps get services and gets support within the new community that can help your client looks for a job, improve his/her English, connect with same ethnic support groups, upgrade skills and make thorough research for career and educational opportunities.

Working Tools: This tool helps your client in researching his/her occupation in the province of Alberta and looking for jobs as well. This tool will help your client come to a well-informed decision regarding location for residence and work by creating a report that will have comprehensive information about necessary job skills, training in different languages, job descriptions, information of rage of wages and available job opportunities based on your client’s needs, training and experience. If your client’s trade/profession is regulated in the state of Alberta, then make sure you get your client to go through, regulated trades and regulated professions for regulatory information and many such guides that help one get accredit to work in his/her occupation at Alberta. Make sure you keep your client informed about IQAS application tutorials, which will help him/her in acquiring an accurate and fair evaluation of their respective education in comparison to Canadian education standards.

Online Sessions: There are a number of pre-recorded as well as live webinars regarding acquiring permanent residence in Canada that can help you clients get familiarized with the process.

With the help of these ingenious tools, you can be sure to get optimum client satisfaction, which can in turn, lead to exponential growth of your business as an immigration consultant.

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May 2nd, 2017 by lawadmin

Mobile apps have become very popular of late, and there are apps specific to just about every aspect of our day-to-day life. There’s an app for everything in today’s world, be it something as generic as finding a location or something as specific as apps for scouts that guide them through their camping stint.

Now, even lawyers have a plethora of apps that can be used as valuable tools, while they’re on-the-go. Here are 5 of such must-have apps for lawyers

  1. Cite-Checker: This app is basically a concise guide to the must-have Bluebook. The form available in the app is pretty much the same as the one that legal practitioners make use of. There is an entire overview of the Bluebook that covers state as well as federal cases and statuses, punctuations, quotations and various other secondary authorities.
  2. Court Directory: This app contains detailed contact information of all the ‘who’s who’ of the legal field. All the currently-employed clerks and judges are listed out (that would be 216 courts, 5319 clerks, 16,025 judges and 2,133 state courts to be precise!) in the app. It also contains the structure of the state, federal and territorial courts. This award-winning app is renders updated listings verified by the court officials themselves.
  3. Fastcase App: This app freely allows you to access the whole Fastcase law library as well as the legal research system while you’re on-the-move. The research results come up at a high speed, which allows the user complete access to federal as well as state cases from across the country. There are even more services available to those who upgrade to the complete Fastcase subscription. This app is great for lawyers to do research work at the nick of time without stepping out of the courtroom.
  4. S. Constitution – Analysis and Interpretation: This app lets you access the Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation (which is a legal treatise made by attorneys of the Congressional Research Service which is in line with the US Senate and has been sent as Senate Document No. 112-9) on your cell phone or tablet PC. It has a detailed discussion of the whole constitution for each clause. It also has many citations from the past to explain and interpret all of the clauses. This is a must-have app for interns!
  5. TrailPad: This app is one of the most powerful tools for helping with the organizations for presentations of cases at the courtrooms. It helps lawyers manage, annotate and organize their files of cases for mediation presentations, court hearings and various other settings. For pictures and documents that have to be added, all that needs to be done is for them to be converted to PDF format. There are various tools like redact, highlight and redline that helps display exhibits and images for displaying exhibits, and images with the use of a monitor or a projector.

A word of caution to the top lawyers in Toronto, who are looking to use these apps, is that these apps can be fantastically helpful, but they can’t be used as a substitute to the official resources.

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