Insight into the Online Processing of Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme

Canada is seen as one of the best places in the world to reside. There are plenty of people from various parts of the world, right from far-east countries like Taiwan to South American countries like Brazil, who are looking to move to Canada.

Why Do People Immigrate to Canada?

The country of Canada happens to be very friendly for immigrants, and the diverse ethnicities as well as a number of job opportunities in the market make it an ideal country to settle down. Canada is divided into various provinces and each of these has their own individual requirements and laws for immigration.

Manitoba is one of the most preferred provinces among the immigrants, especially South Asians, who happen to be the most productive ethnic group in the whole country.

The most convenient and reliable method of knowing what the process of migration to Manitoba would be getting information online with the help of experienced provincial programme lawyers. In the modern age of Internet, applying for immigration, seeking advice from lawyers, making payments, down to the entire process of immigration can be completed online. So, how exactly does it work? Well, here is an insight into how it actually works.

Speed Up the Process

Paper applications typically take about 3 and half months to get processed; here is where online processing wins – it takes just about 2.2 months, according to the statistics released by the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program recently.

The whole process is the same for foreign workers and international students. When compared to this, general stream paper application takes about 9.5 months to process while family stream paper takes about 7.4 months to process.

Advantages of Online Processing

The option of online processing was initially launched in the year 2011, in the month of July. Ever since its first launch, 3,500 applications have been processed online. The only reason why the number is not as high as expected is because only completed forms can be uploaded. Incomplete forms are automatically discarded, which reduces the chances of applications being rejected.

Do You Require Legal Advice Prior to Submitting an Application?

The system of online application allows the individuals to hire immigration consultants and lawyers online to seek legal advice on any aspect including a brief of laws for immigrants and many such aspects. The lawyers take their clients through the steps of filling up the forms before submission.

A lot of times, this can be a boon when it comes to dealing with fresh laws that could potentially result in an individual being barred for 5 years from re-applying for immigration upon furnishing untrue statements. Just like paper applications, the lawyers can typically review the online applications prior to submission. And, if the clients desire, lawyers can also submit their applications online.

Downside of Online Processing

The only main disadvantage of applying for immigration online is that the information needed by Manitoba’s program differs from the information needed by Canadian VISA offices in other countries. But, this is not a point of concern if you have a good immigration lawyer to help you out.